Commission bookings will be open from October 2022.

Birds and Wildlife

A connection to nature is so important for my well being. I celebrate the beauty and colour of the natural world while helping to protect it. 

I've been invited annually as a professional artist to donate paintings for an international touring exhibition raising funds for special frontline conservation projects with Explorers Against Extinction, global art initiative in aid of conservation. All artworks depict threatened wildlife and at risk wild spaces. I've also exhibited with Sketch For Survival in the online auction at OXO gallery London, Royal Geographic Society alongside celebrities Stephen Fry and Judi Dench who support the cause. I'm passionate about this global art initiative in aid of conservation.

Red Crowned crane
My fascination with the endangered red crowned crane started when I was in Japan. I was intrigued by their cultural importance, beauty and significance as a symbol of luck, longevity and fidelity. I was then invited by the arts council through the charity Artification to paint a mural in Hanwell zoo and as they are resident there it was my favourite bird.