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Helen Trevisiol Duff

I am a British artist and illustrator producing original artworks and commissions for sale online. I sell watercolours, acrylics, fine art, giclée prints and hand-pulled prints. My preferred subjects are birds, landscapes and architecture.

Abstract landscape painting by Helen Trevisiol Duff

Abstract Landscapes

I recently relocated from London to West Yorkshire and quickly became immersed in the landscape. Seeking destinations which resonate with me, I stop the car to sketch what I see, aiming to capture the ever-changing land and sky of Calderdale and Bradford surrounds. I am intrigued by the speed at which the light can change over the moors and the extremes of the weather — wind and rain can quickly give way to sparkling sunshine breaking the clouds. Being disabled prevents me from traversing the land by foot so I sit, observing and feeling the elements, which I find invigorating and energising.

Cragg Vale, where I have painted this series, is situated at the beginning of one of England’s longest gradients and as I wind along the road, the contrasting views take my breath away. I can sit for hours, finding peace, calm and deep serenity, which I find immensely cathartic and an effective way to manage pain levels and stress. I sketch the scenes in my sketchbook, completing the works in my studio which involves preparing the surface with gesso and gauze creating subtle structure before I paint glaze over glaze in subtle layers of oil pigments mixed with poppy oil. This is mindful, slow and I express myself intuitively with every stroke using Japanese brushes.

Every day is a new day with so much to explore.


Several years ago I asked Helen to do a picture of our home – a large double fronted Victorian house in Ealing, West London – as a present for my husband and to celebrate living in the house for over 40 years.
The result was an amazingly beautiful representation of the house. The level of detail and careful perspective resulted in a painting of fantastic atmosphere and one which captured the heart of the house.
Helen’s approach to doing the commission was enthusiastic and thoughtful, carefully making sure my husband never knew that she was regularly visiting the property to ensure her final image showed the house in the best light.
Now the final work has pride of place in our hallway and is much admired. When we eventually leave, it will be an amazing memento of our home.

Kitty HartnellEaling BEAT founder